Getting Started: Steps 1 and 2

The Seven Step Exit Planning ProcessTM is indeed a holistic approach, but the process is unique for each business owner. Your objectives will drive the creation of an Exit Plan that’s unique to you. This is not an all or nothing approach.

For all business owners, we start with Steps 1 and 2. From there, we customize the components of your plan to fit your unique objectives.

Step 1

Step 1 establishes and tests your objectives so that your Exit Plan works to achieve your goals. Your key exit objectives are:

  • Your desired departure date
  • The value that you want or need from the business
  • The individuals or entities to whom you want to sell/transfer your business

Step 2

The starting point for reaching your exit objectives begins with Step 2, when we help you determine:

  • How much is your business worth today?
  • How much cash flow does it currently generate?
  • How much income do your non-business assets produce?

We then project future cash flow as well as the future value of your business and non-business assets. Most importantly, the combination of Steps 1 and 2 tells us the extent of value or cash flow increase that is necessary to reach your goals.

Learn about Step 3, Building and Preserving Value.